With increase in technology usage more so internet. Computers have become suceptible to virus/ malware that commonly bait both newbies and experienced orgwares.

With such a challenge in stock – knowing that anytime any day your computer can be jamed by a virus then you need to know how a computer behaves when it has been stricken by a malware first then you can proceed to the prevention measures outlined below.

If you computer has  any trait highlighted in the post please consider doing this easy step by step process to make your device virus free otherwise consider the following precautions on easy steps to make your computer/ laptop virus free.

Personal vigilance, and protective tools. One of the most popular ways to spread malware is by email, which may be disguised to look as if it is from a familiar company such as a bank, or a personal email from a friend. 

Be wary of emails that ask you to provide passwords or emails that seem to be from friends, but have only a message such as “check out this cool website!” followed by a link.

Simply being careful is not always enough. Because business security is not perfect, downloads from legitimate sites can sometimes have malware attached.

Be cautious when downloading free software or programs.
Carefully read the end user license agreement or EULA when installing new programs to make sure that no adware and spyware are automatically installed.
Don’t just download email attachments. Scan everything before saving files to your computer.
Regularly update your anti-virus and anti-malware tool and scan your computer consistently.


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