Starting up on an online job at first, you are divided between uncertainity and reality. Questions ring in your minds like should I? Should I not? Is it a scam or is this legit? Well the same happened to me and it was not long before I began hosting a smile to the bank. 

Below is some guidelines on how to start over as a freelancer. They are quite general since there are several legit sites you could be using as a starter freelancer. Read out my post on where to find legit online jobs that require no experience before you can proceed with this guide for ease of understanding.

1. Create a good profile. Make sure you really sell the services that you offer.

2. Write an article. This must be original content. The most famous topics to write about include health, money and relationships. Make sure if you rewrite you don’t repeat 5 words in a row otherwise Copyscape Premium will detect it and no client will employ you. Make sure that this article has top notch content so that you can be using it as your sample. My advice is you don’t rewrite (reword an existing article), but rather do a proper, well-researched article.

3. Bid for jobs. Make sure you attach the above sample.

4. Satisfy the clients. You may start with low paying jobs but do your best with these clients. When you finish the projects and get good reviews you can easily get other better-paying clients. When you get to 6 reviews and above, the employers will be looking for you.

5. Go long term. Some clients will ask you to go long-term. It is good to take this option when they are paying well and in good time.

6. Look for other online options. It is always good to diversify. You can later grow from being a simple freelance writer/transcriber/VA etc to being a blogger, affiliate marketer or even an owner of big sites like Google, Amazon, AWeber etc. Never limit yourself.

As earlier stated, there are many other sites which can help you make money online as a Kenyan freelance writer. You can also earn well from direct clients who pay way more and value you more as a freelancer.


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