Where do I find legit online jobs?

With this society full of jobless youths, you easily can fall into the trap of scammers or online theft. To avoid this I will take you through a List of sites where you can make good cash online without the strain of a boss hauling directives to you.

If you really lack or do not know what basic computer skills are required for this jobs then do not hesitate going through our guide tutorial

1. Upwork

This is currently the best and most professional freelancing website. It has lots of jobs and very professional clients. It pays very well. Writers here earn from $5 per 500 words, all the way to even $100 plus.

Upwork guarantees your paymentTo be sure you’ll be paid, you should use the Upwork Team App for hourly payments or the client creates a milestone payment. Note that for hourly jobs you need to ensure that the client has a verified payment method.


This is a site where you can easily get your first job, though it’s nowadays very greedy and low paying. The average pay here is $2 per 500 words for a freelance writer, which is pure.

After you advance a bit you can get to up to $4 per 500 words. Due to the fact that it pays peanuts, it’s only good for a very new freelancer who’s just practicing for a few weeks. In fact, if you really value your worth as a freelancer, this is no longer the best site to use but for beginners please give it a trial. Sign up here.

The main advantage with this site is the fact that getting a project is easy as long as you follow the steps I highlighted in the post on how to start a freelancing job. This site also has so many freelancing opportunities ranging from writing and accounting to web designing among others


This is one site where you can freelance literally anything for 5 dollars. Whether you want to write an article, dance dressed up as a hotdog or record yourself reading out someone’s poem in a nice voice, you can do it in Fiverr. If you market your gig well, you’ll find yourself laughing all the way to the bank.  If you got any talent then sign up here and start earning


This used to be considered by many to be the best article writing website. In case you want to take advantage of the many benefits it offers, click here to sign up. It has a high rejection rate so to make it in this site, you have to be an excellent freelance writer.

Jobs listed above various payment methods including wire transfer, check, PayPal and more. I would recommend you create a PayPal account for convenience. If you don’t how to then read my article on how to create a PayPal account 


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