2018 is just days if not hours and we all shall be singing the usual phrase happy new year​ to almost every one you meet, but then comes the D-day for students and they just have to go back to that boring school life and prepare for their on coming Matiang’i. 

But, students here is some good news for you. After this festive season ends, imagine you now got a chance to attend your new term/ semester in style. Let me show you how using these cool coupons, check it out.


A student minus a bag should be misplaced or something…. it is just good to have not just a bag but quality back pack and so, here is a strong oxford cotton fabric back pack with water repellent and breathable styles.

On it is 1 main bag, 2 side pockets for umbrella and books, 1 outer zipper pouch that can accomodate as 14 inch laptop.

Its adjustable padded shoulder strap ensures comfortable carrying. The lightweight multi-usage backpack will save you a place to carry in your shopping & even on an appoitment or if joining some outdoor activities – this back pack is convenient. 

Go back to school in your own unique design and colour varrying from black, blue, grey & pink at only Ksh. 7,259 

2. Casio fx100 MS

Imagine how much more you could accomplish with alittle more help and alittle more time, every single day using Casio fx100. 

It got what you need to derive formulas and compute those hard arithmetics hence making mathematics easier and simpler to understand than ever before. 

It features V.P.A.M series plus a new 2 line display,10 digit mantissa and useful replay function. Get this Casio fx100 at Ksh.3,350 today as offer still lasts.

3. Casio fx 82ms

The fx-82ms scientific calculator is allowed in every Kenyan secondary exam where a calculator can be used. 

The natural display shows mathematical expressions like roots and fractions as they appear in text books, and this increases comprehension because results are easier to understand. 

These calculators are recommended to all students sitting for national exam. Buy the fx-82ms scientific calculator today at Ksh. 1,585 as stocks last.


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