Coming to see the end of yet another year is really an add to every one except the ailing who feel the dead are advantaged than the living-sick. 

Well throwing that idea to my dear slay queens at times sounds sick in  their thinking having known that age is really catching up with them and yet there is this dream they notice they haven’t had it come true.

Here I will help you get another score card in the new year through these simple tricks.

1. Buy this S8 android cell

You don’t have to strain much to attain that classy lifestyle. Imagine getting a galaxy S8 or an iPhone could be a hard but to crack but here is an option with all the specifications any other classy phone has but at a pocket friendly cost.

I call it S8, a 5.7 inch sharp 1440*720P HD+ screen with a full display design. The phone supports both gloved and wet hands just like the high end galaxies. A 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM will comfortably run your apps and store your cute selfies taken on a 13MP camera. It hosts android 7.0 naugat and its 3450mAh power batery will keep you for days running just on a single charge.

What most people miss out is that, you dont have to spend 100K to live classy, spend just peanuts and fitt in that high end society – as simple as that. Here is an S8 to help you do that in 2018

2. Buy this smart Android TV

With the many functions/ events that are yet to occur in the new year, being smart and well connected is always important so as never to miss an incident. 

Forget the ordinary colour TV sets in your TV budget as really we got to end this year in style though not expensively – just moderate but valuable.

I bring you a vision plus smart android TV with stunning picture quality that meets sleekly modern design of smart TVs, it brings you HD entertainment at an encridible value. This t.v delivers amazing picture quality and clarity. You can’t take chances by saying next time to vision plus products and so,as this year ends I advice you to buy this trendy 32 inch smart android TV and enjoy the new year.


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