what foods should one eat to have a fit body rather than going to sweaty gyms?

Well, may be you phrased the question wrongly, let’s say what eating habbits should one embrace to attain a beach body?

Imagine it isn’t hard to get that envied healthy body that will live long & strong, just a few good food tricks and it all become yours. Here are some tips you should borrow. Please ladies take notes!

  1. AVOID SUGAR AND PROCESSED FOODS.If you eat fast food or junk food regularly, it is unlikely that you can stay fit without exercise. These ‘’empty calories’’ require a lot more activity to burn off, without providing nutritional content to help your immune system or build strong muscles.
  2. EAT FRUIT 2 OR MORE TIMES PER DAY.Fruits contain sugar, but it also contains fiber, which helps to regulate your digestive system. If you feel a craving for sugar eat a piece of fruit.
  3. MAKE SURE 50% OF ALL MEALS CONSIST OF VEGETABLES. Choose multi-colored vegetables to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. Eat 5o percent lean protein and whole grains, and devote the rest of your plate to raw or lightly cooked vegetables.
  4. EAT SMALLER MEALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY, RATHER THAN 3 BIG MEALS. Smaller meals help you avoid feeling hungry. One way to do this is to plan eating larger, healthy snacks between meals and shrink the size of your portions at breakfast lunch and dinner.
  5. EXERCISE PORTION CONTROL. If you do not plan to exercise, you must be more mindful of the amount you eat. Stop before you feel full, and concentrate on your food as you eat it, instead of eating while watching TV

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