Marc Wübbenhorst from the Western German city of Bielefeld drinks at least 10 times more water than the recommended daily intake of two litres a day for most people.

The 35-year-old German has suffered from diabetes insipidus since birth. It’s a rare disease – only 60 people in Germany have been diagnosed with it. The condition – which, despite its name, is unrelated to diabetes – is an inability of the sufferer’s body to handle fluids.

It’s characterised by large amounts of diluted urine released by the kidneys, with patients such as Wübbenhorst producing up to 20 litres of urine a day.

As one can imagine, this causes severe lifestyle problems for him. “In my life I’ve never slept longer than two hours at a time,” he says.

Despite his condition, Wübbenhorst holds a full-time job working at an architecture bureau. His colleagues are accustomed to the crates of water bottles constantly at his side, as well as his many toilet breaks.


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