A very aggressive and dangerous smartphone virus has been designed and launched on to the vast android platforms.

It at times sounds complicated how hackers get through Google’s verification even to launch malwares on to play store rendering millions of users vulnerable to these type of apps.

Read more about virus apps parading as antivirus from here ➡➡➡

Today we unfold a new virus app, such a dangerous virus that can literally burn your phone ones it is installed. It has been dubbed loapi.

The virus has vastly spread in a America and slowly extending roots into Europe and so be informed you could easily be baited into downloading it from play store.

Loapi uses flashy ads to advertise itself as such a strong antivirus that will kill all mallware in your device but, in reality it does the exact opposite.

Loapi will do all it can to syphone money from your accounts and more so threaten your health. This is one of the most complex, destructive and complicated ever to surface online.

The major hiding places for this virus is in applications outside play store and porn advertisements/ videos – be careful when you download apps from the repository.

One’s Loapi is installed on your phone, cases have been reported in Latin America of phones burning and batteries deformed deformed.

This is because the app has one of its main agenda as to mine cryptocurrencies so, it will access phone’s processor driver and increase it’s speed to really dangerous barriers so as increase benefits in the mining – the higher the processor speeds, the higher the app’s benefits.

So be carefull…!


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