There is a fine line between online teaching and online tutoring. The main difference is that tutoring involves providing help with a subject that the student is being taught elsewhere. However, some online tutors can provide extensive teaching while others simply help with homework.

Online tutoring job descriptions vary greatly depending on the level (e.g., K-12, college, adult ed) and position structure (e.g., home business, employment). Those employed by companies that contract with school districts are more likely to require that tutors perform some form of assessment of students, while homework help tutors wouldn’t be required to do so.

Online tutors typically work with students via Skype or some other video conferencing systems

What subjects are commonly tutored online?

Subjects for tutors: Math, English, science, social studies, TOEFL, SES, test prep (AP, GED, PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT), English as a second language (ESL), foreign languages and IT

Companies specializing in online tutoring may offer services directly to parents and students or may be contracted by school systems to provide tutoring to students. Tutors can also connect with students using platforms made available by online tutoring companies and then share the revenue.

Online tutoring can be work-at-home employment, though usually part time, paid on an hourly basis. Or, it can be independent contracting positions–again usually paid hourly–in which a company contracts with an online tutor to work with students but the tutor is not an employee.

Other possibilities are that a person starts his or her own online tutoring business, tutors students and collects fees from them. There are companies that offer platforms to connect students with teachers and for delivering lessons. Typically these companies take a percentage of the fees charged.

What are the minimum requirements for tutoring jobs?

Typically the minimum education requirement for online tutoring is a bachelor degree. However, a few places will hire college students. For those starting an online tutoring business, there is no official minimum education requirement. However, attracting students in this competitive business may be difficult if you don’t have a college education.

Many K-12 online tutoring companies look for a teaching certificate and a master’s degree. A master’s or a PhD may be required for faculty or teaching assistant positions at an online university.

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Is experience needed at all?

Beyond the education requirements, many companies hiring online tutors may require teaching experience (either in the classroom or online), familiarity with online teaching tools, and a Internet-connected computer with a webcam.

How do i get paid and how much?

Pay for online tutors ranges widely based on the candidate’s qualifications and the position’s level and structure. Pay can be as low as minimum wage (or less outside the U.S.) or as much as $30 an hour or more. 

Payment methods vary from a company to the other. This could include PayPal, skrill, check e.t.c


1. Online teaching and education jobs

This list includes jobs in online tutoring and teaching jobs from K-12 through college, test writing, online course development, foreign language instruction and adult education course writing.

  1. Capella university
  2. ETS
  3. E-tutor world

2. Online K-12 Jobs

This list includes only those jobs for those with experience/education in elementary, middle and high school.

  1. California virtual academy
  2. Home-work tutoring
  3. Pearson 

3. Bilingual teaching

These companies hire bilingual teachers for foreign language and ESL jobs.

  2. Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth (CTY)
  3. Gofluent
  4. Chegg Tutors

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