You probably never gave it too much thought but brushing your teeth is serious business. 

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is crucial when it comes to prevention of cavities and gum diseases but unfortunately, many people fail to do it right. 

That is why I came up with this step by step guide to make sure your teeth cleaning skills are up to the highest standards and totally mistake free.

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Make good choice on which toothbrush you use

With so many products available on the market there has never been easier to find the perfect toothbrush. 

It’s not just about doing the job, it is about doing the job right by making sure you pick the right tool first.

It needs to cover all the places that need covering so you have to choose the right size also if it’s to stiff it will hurt your gums so dentists recommend softer models. 

But If you truly wanna be safe and keep your teeth spotless opt for an electric brush like Slim Sonic basic electric toothbrush which guarantees maximum results with its built-in vented cap that cleans 22,000 brush strokes per minute. 

Mode of brushing

Another thing people often do wrong is brushing their teeth from side to side which causes scrapes along their gum line. 

The right way to do it is by placing your toothbrush under a 45-degree angle to your gums while making short up and down motion strokes. 

Make sure to cover your inner tooth surface, back molars, your tongue and all those hard to reach places otherwise plaque has time to pile up and cause damage. 

Spare Quality time

The most often made mistake is thinking it only takes a couple of seconds to clean your teeth. 

Not so, in reality, it takes at least two minutes of brushing in order to do it properly. 

It seems like a lot but if you have trouble sticking to this routine there are a couple of ways which will help the time fly faster. 

You can divide your mouth into four sections and spend 30 seconds on each. Set the timer on your watch for two minutes and brush until it runs out. 

Watch TV or listen to your favorite song. All of these will come in handy if you find yourself trying to cut that brushing time short.


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