A BEARDED woman has celebrated learning to love her facial hair with a striking leg tattoo.

Harnaam Kaur, 26, from Slough, started sprouting hair on her face, chest and arms at the age of 11. She was taunted for her looks by cruel school bullies

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Appearing on E4’s Tattoo Fixers, the former teaching assistant said: “When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which means I have more testosterone in my body than the female sex hormone, and the side effects of that is that I’m able to grow a lady beard.

“I’ve always had facial hair, from the time I hit puberty, but I was removing my facial hair for years. In school I was bullied horrendously because of it.”

However, at the age of 16 Harnaam was baptised as a Sikh, which meant she had to let her facial hair grow out.

She said: “I felt liberated. The turning point for me was feeling very suicidal and deciding I was going to end it all

“I thought to myself, ‘the bullies are living happily, why can’t I?’ I just decided I can’t keep feeling like this. I can’t keep feeling depressed.

“I want to be happy. Once you decide that for yourself, nothing can stop you.”

Harnaam told Tattoo Fixers’ Jay Hutton and Alice Perrin that she wants to get an original tattoo “that resembles my turning point in life”.

She explained: “I want it to represent my darker days and also the positive – being liberated, embracing and loving life.

“I was thinking skull and roses, something dark but the roses being very bright and beautiful. If possible, I’d like the tattoo on my outer right leg.”

Harnaam chose a “gnarly” skull that Jay had designed saying it “really does represent my dark times”.

Jay explained: “Harnaam wanted a tattoo to celebrate the journey she’s been on because of her facial hair. I think her attitude is inspirational. I really hope she loves her new design.”

Seeing the final results Harnaam said: “That’s absolutely wonderful. I love it. I’m speechless. It’s a real celebration of everything I’ve overcome.

“Obviously I had an image of what it would look like but it’s just exceeded everything. And my legs look good. I love it so much.”

How has polcystic ovaries caused Haarman to grow her beard

Harnaam’s facial hair is caused as a result of her suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

The syndrome is a common condition that affects the reproductive organs and is a leading cause of infertility in women.

One of the main features of the condition is having excess androgen, which is high levels of male hormones in the body.

As a result of these hormones, women can see physical symptoms such as excess facial or body hair, especially on the back and chest.

PCOS also causes irregular periods and enlarged ovaries, that contain fluid-filled sacs around the eggs.

Common symptoms of the condition include difficulty getting pregnant, weight gain, oily skin and acne and thinning hair.

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown, but it often runs in families.

There is no cure for PCOS but symptoms can be treated with medication.

Harnaam has received international recognition for her appearance.

In September 2016, she was included in the Guinness World Records as the youngest woman in the world to have a full beard.

In March 2016, she also became the first woman with a beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week by opening the show for Marianna Harutunian.

Harnaam also gives motivational talks and is a body confidence campaigner and is signed to Wanted Models in Paris.

In April, Alma Torres decided to embrace her facial hair– and her boyfriend loves it.


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