How can I treat acne and pimples without using chemicals?

Emotional stress we all know that when someone is stressed they probably do not eat right or take water hence this leads to having a poor skin because the body is not having nutrients.

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Hormonal changes a range of factors triggers acne but the main cause is thought to be a rise in androgen levels this is a type of hormone the levels of which rise when adolescence begins, which in women is converted into estrogen.

Rising androgen levels causes the oil glands under the skin to grow. The enlarged glands produces more sebum excessive sebum breaks down cellular walls in the pores causing bacteria to grow

Menstruation when a woman begins her menstruation it causes a lot of hormonal changes in her body hence she might start having pimples

Greasy cosmetics this is brought by overusing or applying too much makeup that doesn’t go well with your skin.

Medication that contain androgen.


For mild cane it can be treated with medications such as gels, soaps creams and lotions this are best for sensitive skin alcohol based gels dry the skin and are good for oily skin. All this products can be gotten from a pharmacy.

When treating severe acne kindly visit a dermatologist where they mostly prescribe gels or cream medications which have strong effects or topical antibiotic.

A person can also get corticosteroid injection. When an acne cysts becomes inflamed it can rapture and it can lead to scarring a specialist can treat this by injecting a diluted corticosteroid which will help prevent scarring, reduce inflammation and speed up healing the cysts normally breaks out within a few days.

Oral antibiotics can also be prescribed for 2 to 6 months for patients with severe acne. Dosage starts high and reduces as the acne clears. This helps because they combat the growth of bacteria and reduces inflammation.

For women with acne using oral contraceptives can help control acne by suppressing the overactive gland.

Also a person can use topical retinoid prescribed by a dermatologist this is a derived from vitamin A which unlock the pores that prevents whiteheads and blackheads from developing.

N.B Before trying any treatments always consult a dermatologist who will run a thorough scan on your skin to be able to tell the right medication that will work well with your skin.


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