Quite interesting, it is always good at times to learn the ‘awkward‘ side of the other gender. When it comes to this matter of love – everything just becomes interesting. Now on the forefront guys reveal how often they text a girl they love!

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Sometimes one feels pissed off with that phone, a feeling of like I just should soak this phone and remain out of reach but then you remember those text messages from that guy… those memes! Oh goddamn it, technology is just an evolved witchcraft!

Before that big day comes, the day when you both have to start-up an all new life together. How frequent should be the calling and texting… Let’s leave that yet for another day.

On reddit guys revealed how frequent they text a girl they love. It’s no shock, any time any hour of the day-night as long as the bonding exists.

It is always a kind of feeling like that of a mother to a child that drives the communication. Always wishing to know about him/her always however, if you are worried about the frequency your date should be texting/ calling then Stop the worry! this guy doesn’t deserve your worry yet. but to satisfy your curiosity…

The guys says it actually depends with the situation !!


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