Good looks always brings confidence and a good public relation however, under doing or over doing it will always send a particular message to the public. There are these simple mistakes women make thinking they are doing it right.

1. Heavy handed aplication

There’s nothing more ageing than feathering, so use a cotton bud to correct mistakes or tidy up a messy liner or pencil.

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While applying your lipstick, use ‘little strokes and don’t press too hard’ so that you don’t end up with a thick layer.

2. Busing the wrong shade

you have very pale skin, black, very deep berry shades and anything with too much blue in it can make you look washed out, while softer peachy colours or true red are better choices. Try mixing colors/ try out new only after you taste the on the back of your hand.

3. Being too defined

very harsh pout can be ageing compared to a softer look, and adding gloss or liner can further add to the overly-defined effect.

4. Having dry lips

Some liquid lipsticks can be drying, which emphasises lines, so you should always look for products with a more dewy affect.

Forgetting lip balm is also a cardinal sin for the same reason. Diane says you should never go without applying it before your lipstick, and any budget brand will do the trick.

5. Over drwawing with the wrong liner.

Heavily applied lip liner in dark shades is ‘really ageing.

It can look very harsh, especially on older women when you naturally start getting lines.

Focus more on defined eyes and use less liner and softer lipstick textures rather than, for instance, a bold matte.


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