What things should girls carry always when travelling?

For ladies: if you plan a couple of days away from home then please consider having the following with you on your vaccation. Every lady must have a handbag with her and in it the following must not miss!


When luggage space is tight and you can’t be bothered to slap on a full face of makeup, no product will transform your holiday look from lazy day to evening out better than a bold lipstick.

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Pressed powder

For an on-the-go makeup bag, you’ll want to go with pressed powder instead of loose powder. It’s less likely to leak out all over the bag, and it typically comes with a built-in applicator so you don’t have to carry a separate brush.

Eye shadow

Luckily, eye shadow often comes in handy “expert coordinated” palettes, in which you’ll find three or more colors in one little case. It’s a space saver, and is ideal for scaling down your makeup bag for holiday.

Sun screen

If you are looking forward to a couple of weeks of bare face, unstyled hair and total relaxation, then skip everything except sun protection.

Facial wipes

On flights, camping holidays or long car journeys, facial wipes are helpful. Get facial wipes that are gentle on the skin and that will make a decent job of makeup removal without stripping or stinging the skin.

Water proof mascara

I recommend water proof mascara that works best for humid climate and will not smudge on your travel.


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