Why has my computer gone slow loading programs?

This is a common problem when computer memory is getting full among other reasons. Below I will outline some key areas you could do a touch to free up your computer memory and regain the processing speed back to your machine.

  • In Windows, there are many flashy programs that run in the background of your computer (usually showing up as little icons in the task bar, e.g. WeatherBug). Use ‘Add/Remove programs’ in the Control Panelto remove these programs or any others not in use.
  • In OS X, be sure to remove unwanted programs from your ‘Applications’ folder.
  • Empty your Recycling Bin or Trash.
  • Delete old files from your desktop or documents folders.
  • Delete internet coockies and search history from your browsers
  • Consider restarting your computer after completing all the above steps.

Making the above a habit to practice after specific duration, your computer will evidently not suffer from lack of memory and slow speed.

Put an add solution to such a problem or share your experience with us in the comment box or contact page.


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