Sponsor is a commonly used word in Kenya from the recent past referring to intimate relationships between the rich and the needy.

The rich go for romance as the needy offer it at the interest of “as long as my problems are solved.” Problems in this case mean financial constrains.

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Out of sponsored relationships we get intriguing stories like for instance this case here:

A 10-year-old boy has shocked his mother and relatives after he developed beards.

Aaron is only in standard 5 but his bushy beards keep on growing. As Venas puts it, the mother, Njoki,claims her son is a product of a sponsor she met in Nairobi 11 years ago. He sired the baby and disappeared, leaving her with the burden of raising Aaron.

Despite being a pupil, Aaron has the face of an adult and his beards are as hard as those of an old man .His age mates call him ‘Budaa’,something that make him so uncomfortable.


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