Can a Samsung explode and cause more havoc than a bomb?

The south Korean tech giant had to recall its latest brand by then note 7 due to the unceremonious explosions that had been reported by consumers immediately after its launching.

To militia groups “this was like God sent treasure to easily accomplish their uncouth operations.”

For one to board a plane, a forensic screening has to be done and obvious equipment like pins -grenades and self detonating jackets can not be allowed into planes but a phone with a similar function of an explosive could easily be allowed without raising an eyebrow.

I can’t imagine that moment I’m on plane hundreds of meters into the clouds then some rough looking guy stands with a Samsung galaxy note 7 only to shout ” I will blow up this plane…” oh my!

With such pending risks, samsung had to recall its note 7 which over heated at slight use then exploding harming the environs.

In a recent report, samsung outlines possible reasons that lead to the envied note 7 to explode.


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