A new project called ‘Oyoon’ (eyes) has just been launched in Dubai to help tackle crimes in the city and help reduce traffic accident deaths and congestion.

Oyoon aims to use a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) network where by, security cameras across will relay live images of security breaches live to the central command centre,

According to Dubai Police, different agencies managed their command centres to receive live feed from the CCTV cameras but now with Oyoon ”

we aim to link them all to one place for data analysis and for faster response in emergency situations.”

Thousands of CCTV cameras of various Dubai government agencies will now provide live feed to a central command centre, officials said.

The cameras will monitor criminal behaviour in three sectors — tourism, traffic and bricks and mortar facilities.

The network, said the police, is being phased in via different stages to meet the Dubai 2021 Vision requirements of a smart city. Read full article here>>>



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