Working at home is very convinient and flexible owing to the fact that you are your own boss. It however sometimes demanding when you get lots of work to do both home chores and office work.

Kids can at this instance be very supporting if you do engage them with your stuff, and this is how best you should engage them to lessen your work. If you are a newbie about online jobs then my post on how to start working as a freelancer

5. Sorting and counting

Sorting and counting is one of those things that may or may not be useful to you, but it teaches skills, and it feels useful to the little ones.

For kids from preschool on up, it is a task that can be scaled to an age-appropriate level.

Young kids can sort and count office supplies (whether you need them sorted or not). Older ones can do inventory.


Encourage kids to be creative thinkers by letting them help you reorganize your home office.

Now if you don’t really want your office reorganized, consider letting them reorganize just a corner of your office, or maybe working on a drawer or a cabinet can keep them busy and engaged while you are working.

3.Dusting sweeping and Wiping

Dusting, sweeping, wiping down surfaces and other small cleaning jobs will keep kids busy and your office clean.

They can take out the trash and the recycling. Little ones will think cleaning tasks are more fun more than bigger kids will, who may need a little incentive (i.e. payment) to want to clean.

Even so, cleaning is a task kids need to learn.

2. Giving technical advice

By the time kids are tweens or teens they may well know more about technology than their parents.

If you have a technical issue or are looking for a better way to complete a task, ask your kids for some advice.

Every day in school kids are learning new tricks for how things work. When you work at home, you don’t always have that same level of training on new tech.

Kids may have ideas, know short cuts or be aware of apps or programs that you don’t.

1. Shredding

After you have finished filing the paper you want to keep, put children to work shredding documents you don’t want.

Kids love to shred stuff! Heck, let them shred your recycling and other paper even if there’s nothing private on it.

It will keep them busy. If your kids are young, you will want to keep a close eye on them when they use the shredder.


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