Whatsapp is one of the no popular instant massaging app for no Android and iPhones. The app from facebook incorporation enjoys millions of active subscribers globally.

Have you then ever wondered what it would cost you building such an app? Let’s have a look at some details here together.

Native coding is to be used since it has been used by Contus Fly to achieve better speed, it can be handy in developing a WhatsApp like native app.

The number of features your app will host further dictate the cost of your app’s development. Take a good look at the features that make Whatsapp so wildly successful:

  • Instant Messaging: This is the basis of your app’s success, and a basic feature of all chat apps. It operates largely through a user’s connection to the internet, and even when they go offline, users are able to receive all the notifications they missed when they go back online. Because all chat apps will host this instant messaging feature, it’s the little additions that count here: the ability to have private or public chats, for instance.Will your app host custom fonts, stickers, and emojis, or a “mute chat” feature for those group chats that never stop buzzing? A scheduling in advance feature could also draw users (e.g. push notification reminders of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays). Skype does this to a limited degree, but you can take it further.
  • Real Time Connectivity: Linked to the ‘instant’ in instant messaging, real time connectivity is the preferred medium for chat apps, because message delivery happens promptly and immediately, without any distance barriers, making users feel closer to each other.
  • Multimedia File Transmission: Users of you chat app are going to love the ability to share various types of multimedia, such as pictures, videos, files, GIFS, and stickers. Maximize efficiency by further allowing a sync service with popular cloud services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote).
  • Security: This should be another one of your prime concerns, as it’s necessary to keep the data of your users safe and secure from third party infiltration. The concern for private data going public is at an all time high, so be sure to prioritize user security. You can invest in premium encryption technologies to protect messages from third party infiltration
  • Push Notifications: This keeps users active within the app, and keeps them alert pretty much 24/7 about discounts, message alerts, and user’s availability online. Allow users to customize the number of notifications they’d like to receive (e.g. receiving notifications once an hour, every 7 hours, etc.).
  • Quick search: This makes it easy for users of your chat app to search and track conversations that have taken place long ago. This feature is useful in personal and professional life where details of importance are shared within a conversation, and thus the search feature should be easy to both use and find.
  • Group Chats: Your chat app should further allow users to connect with other users through the facilitation of group conversations, where they can also share multimedia files.
  • Video and Voice Calling: International video calls were first popularized by Skype, and instant chat messaging takes this immediate form of communication to the next level. Voice and video call features further make your chat app more interactive, putting no limits on the way your users interact and communicate with each other.
  • Social Integration: Social media and social lives don’t exist in a vacuum divorced from each other, so why should your app be divorced from other social media apps? Allow users to share posts and content from other apps such as Facebook and Instagram, on your app, to make the most out of information sharing

With all these intergrations, whatsapp like apps would cost you around $10,000 to have one developed for you. You however can still code your own App.


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