It’s a distinctly modern problem: you want to talk on WhatsApp but you can’t get an internet connection. If you want to know how to use WhatsApp without internet access, we have some suggestions for you. Some are better than others, so read on to find which suits you best.

5. Use whatsapp via SMS

Sure, you can use whatsapp via SMS-ing. Usually chatting via whatsapp involves sending more text messages than graphics so you could opt for choosing an SMS-ing plan. Make use of your unlimited SMS plan while not connected to internet.

4. Manage the backlog

We miss very important messages going unread doing to long chat strings. When not connected to an internet use the time to check through your messages and probably you can clean up that backlog of messages. After viewing the messages, you then can save drafts so that when you get to an internet connection the messages will be sent automatically.

3. Use Whatsapp Bluetooth messenger

This is a short range app that does not necessarily require internet so as to send messages. However, the fact that neither is the app on playstore nor in any agreed relationship with the whatsapp Inc, obviously this ring bells… it is a crap, be careful using it!

2. Mount a chatsim

It’s a chat-specific global SIM card that’s struck deals with a whole range of mobile operators to deliver data and MMS services.

With the SIM installed everything’s automatic: if you’re in range of a partner’s data service, your phone connects to it and you can WhatsApp away to your heart’s content.
ChatSim costs around US$10 for a year of unlimited chats and texts (provided you behave yourself: you mustn’t repeatedly exceed the average daily traffic limit, which is defined as: “the average traffic exchanged by all active basic rate ChatSim cards”).




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