With security always being a concern around most cities if not villages, you can’t take chances of loosing your hard earned android phone.

long were the days when if one lost a phone; whether through robbery or just misplacing it, the only option was to buy another one or keep hoping for fortune may be to find it.

Thanks to google and its android that now has a feature to easily locate your lost device anytime. Below are simple steps you could follow when you want to find your Android phone.


  1. You can locate our phone by signing into android.com/ find, and ensuring that your current device is selected.
  2. From here you can see approximate location of your device.
  3. You can also lock your device, erase data, or ring the phone. your phone will ring up-to 5 minutes even if it was on silent mode.
  4. To find your phone quickly in future you can also ask google to “find my phone”

You also instead of using the android.com website, download the locate my device app from play-store onto any available android phone. you then can sign in using the email address you used logging into the lost phone’s account. If the device has a network connection the you will locate and gain full access to its system.

Download the find my device android app below.


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