They have made communication easier and convenient making it hard to think of a life without them hence a need to take good care of them.

Here are 3 major mistakes everyone makes with their phones that just kills the phones!

3. Downloading apps from untrustworthy sites

Always download apps from trustworthy sites. Most phones have their own app store which provide safe applications that do not carry viruses for instance that can affect the functioning of the phone.

2. Using it as it charges

It may seem harmless but using your phone while it charges can actually cause it to overheat which can eventually lead to serious damage to the battery. May even explode on your ear!

1. Over/ under charging

Never wait for your battery to hit battery low to charge it and don’t overcharge it either. This will cause serious damages to the battery just as I mentioned in my earlier post; reasons why you should not charge your battery till 100% nor get too low

Lastly, this one is more grievous and dangerous!

# Sleeping with your phone under your pillow .

Placing your phone under your pillow or next to your bed has been proven to be dangerous.

Some phones have exploded under people’s pillows thus emitting dangerous substances that can greatly affect one’s health.

Here are some better tips on how you can make your smart phone last long and in good condition



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