For a smartphone with only a few incremental updates over its predecessor, the Galaxy S9 made quite the impression.

It’s a fantastic smartphone, and I’ve had to reshuffle the top five phones in this list as a result.

After some more time with the iPhone X, I’ve also reshuffled the order for the latest iPhones, as well. Read through our new list.

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1. Galaxy S9 plus

The Galaxy S9 Plus is largely just a bigger version of the regular Galaxy S9, but it has a dual-lens camera system where the secondary lens serves as a 2x optical zoom lens. The Plus model also comes with more RAM than the regular S9, which helps with overall performance speed.

It’s my top smartphone pick because it’s a clear example that you don’t need to spend $1,000 – the price of an iPhone X – tclick here >>>o get a top, premium, full-fat smartphone experience. The Galaxy S9 Plus checks off all the boxes and I’d easily recommend it to anyone looking for a new smartphone.


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2. Samsung galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 makes a better case for your hands and pockets than the iPhone 8 or iPhone X due to its sheer number of features, excellent versatile camera that’s unparalleled in low light, beautiful design, and rock-steady performance. Samsung’s new line of Galaxy S smartphones has become my top pick now that Samsung has fixed the facial/iris recognition and fingerprint sensor issues from the Galaxy S8.


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3. Apple IPhone 8 plus

Starting at $800, the iPhone 8 Plus is essentially the same smartphone as the $1,000 iPhone X. You get the same dual-lens camera and performance. You’re only missing out on Face ID, a new design, and the iPhone X’s beautiful OLED display. But that still doesn’t warrant the iPhone X’s price tag. Android devices have had OLED displays for years without going into quadruple digits for the price.

The iPhone 8 Plus has a fingerprint scanner instead of the iPhone X’s Face ID, and it’s a better phone for it. You don’t get the Animoji feature that only works with Face ID, but Animoji aren’t exactly an amazing reason to go for the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 Plus.


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4. Google pixel 2 (google)

The Pixel 2 XL has nearly the same components and features that make the Pixel 2 great, but it comes in a bigger package with a larger display and a fresher-looking design. The Pixel 2 XL isn’t the best-looking Android phone, but with the narrow borders around its screen, it looks sleeker and more refined than its smaller sibling or its predecessors from last year.

And the unadulterated Android experience it offers is unbeatable.

Users and reviewers initially reported encountering several problems with the Pixel 2 XL, mostly with its screen. Some reported the colors it displayed weren’t as vibrant as those on other top Android phones. Google later issued an update that made colors appear more vibrant.


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5. One Plus 5T

If you’re looking for a huge bargain, the OnePlus 5T is the Android phone to get. It’s a fantastic phone that’s only made better by its incredible $500 starting price.

It comes with more memory than any other smartphone we’ve tried, guaranteeing top performance. On top of that, its great camera comes with a portrait mode that competes with those of the iPhone X and Google’s Pixel 2. And it has one of my favorite features in an Android phone: It runs a near-stock version of the operating system.


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Coming soon

# LG G7

LG announced the G6 at last year’s MWC, so we’re expecting it to unveil the G7 this year. But that also never happened.

According to the rumors, LG’s latest flagship phone will sport Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 chip. That should allow the G7 to better compete with its rivals on performance than its predecessor.

Apart from that, little else has been rumored about the upcoming phone. Stay tuned.


Moto G6

Motorola announced its Moto G5 at last year’s MWC, so we were the Lenovo-owned company to unveil the device’s successor at this year’s event. But that never happened, so we’re expecting it in the coming months.

According to the latest rumors, the LG G6 is expected to get a display with an 2:1 aspect ratio, which is in line with other recent Android devices. Apart from that, little else has been rumored about the phone.

Be on the alert, always checking for updates, click here >>>


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