Sometimes you come across a friend’s cool status and you have no option than to screenshot.

If it is a video, you reply him/her asking for the video to be sent to you.

It’s either you are left hanging on ‘blue ticks’ or they reply, “add bundle!” Annoying, isn’t it?

Also read: how to know if your contact has your number on his/ her whatsapp contact list

Here we bring a solution to that hassle especially if you are an android user.

You now can easily save those videos or images without necessarily bothering your friends nor doing screenshots -then bother of cropping the s’shots later. Just follow below steps:

  • Open file manager or my files
  • Tap on menu or more (top right of screen) then show hidden files (from drop down list)
  • Now you can tap on device storage
  • Tap whatsapp folder to view contents.
  • Now tap on media folder to open it.
  • Locate a folder named .statuses and tap to openit. There in you will find all the status you have viewed within 24 hours.
  • These files will automatically erase themselves after 24 hours. To save them, move them to a different folder.

If you do not know how to move files please read my post on the same here to avoid making errors!

If you found it helpfull please share..!


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