As our world’s population increase, technology also increase and the language used also increase to accomodate the ever growing population.

Sometimes this also triggers change in mode of communication.

Most youth today prefer texting to voice call or even one on one talk.

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This then means that one would waste more time typing longer words in a chat hence keeping friends waiting longer for your responce.

But with this trick of shortening words, then you can comfortably chat and text friends in kind of “real time” responce.

Below is a list of must know abbreviations and their respective meanings or else you will be caught of guard… something you won’t like to happen! So read down through the list to the last.

1. ASAP– As soon as possible

– Used when you need a reply anytime from that moment as long as it is ready

2. TYAL- Thank you a lot

– used when offering gratitude

3. OTW- On the way

– Say you on the road on the way to a venue

4.ASL-Age , Sex, Location

– Used in chat rooms to obtain a friends details

5.W8- Wait

– meant to make one stay online

6.OMG- Ohh… My God

– exclamation words

7.ZZzzz… – Sleeping or dull mode

– Used to show chat that you are sleepy or not interested in chatting

8.WS- Wrongly Sent

– Meant to apologize for sending messages to he wrong person

9.MYOB- Mind Your Own Business

– self explained

10. TTYL – Talk to you later

– excusing oneself

11. HAND – Have a nice day

– day’s wish

12. K- Okay

-accepatance/ concur

13. SAR- Sent As Received

– similar with copy to (c.c)

14. HBD- Happy Birthday

– womb escape day wish

15. DoB- Date of Birth

– date which one was born

16. FWIW- For What It’s Worth

– is it important ?

17. Plz- Please

– etiquette, humble request.

18. J4F- Just for fun

– It is a joke

19. WTH- What the hell

– emortional, what is wrong ? It also could be used ironically

20. BF- Best Friend, Boyfriend

– A male patner, a good patner.

21. LOL – Laughing Out Loud

– laughter

22. BTW- By the way

– used before interjecting a memory amidist a chat

23. IMHO- In my humble opinion

– an etiquette expression. Used before expressing an idea within a discos, also IMO – in my opinion.

You should note that ABBREVIATIONS ARE WRITTEN IN UPPER CASE (capital letters)


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