News just hit freelancers with such relief that we all went out trying out the whole deal.

Well, kudos to safaricom for patnering with PayPal and trasfertu to ease cash trasfer and conversions.

The process however isn’t that easy, below we scribbled a simple guideline on how to.

2. Depositing to PayPal

  • Open M-Pesa on your phone
  • Go to PayBill and enter PayBill number 800088
  • Enter the phone number you linked your PayBill account to as the account number
  • Enter Amount and complete the transaction

Note that you only can deposite after linking the two accounts. The linking process comes together with withrawal steps as you always will interact with the linking interface. To link your account/ withdraw cash from PayPal to Mpesa then follow the steps below.

1. Withdrawing from PayPal

  • Tap on the GET STARTED button that will redirect you to log in with your PayPal credentials
  • Give the service access to your PayPal account by clicking on AGREE on the popup menu
  • Add your M-Pesa phone number, you will receive a verification code that you will use to LINK YOUR ACCOUNT

The tranfer process is however not free, you could be charged 3% when withdrawing and 4% when depositing and now that you will be using a paybill number… it also isn’t free!


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