Ugandan government just proposed a daily taxation plan of UGsh100 to all social media users.

Addressing the journalists at Uganda media centre, the state minister for planning said that the UGsh 100 (KESH 3) will be charged daily on each sim card that uses internet for social media.

The major reason behind Ugandan government slaping taxes on social media platform including whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, viber, and Skype – is that Ugandans are using the platforms for gossip.

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This was however not received positively by opposition leaders, social media users and human rights defenders claiming that the new tax proposals are injurious and burdensome to individual’s freedom.

Other tax proposals included UGsh 100 on every 1 litre of car fuel and 1 percent tax on every mobile money transaction made, that means on each withdrawal or depositing made a 1 percent tax will be applied.

Mr Bahati said that these tax proposals are aimed at growing domestic budget financing.

The tax proposals will begin effectively July 1st once the parliament debates and passes them. –The Daily Monitor


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