Among east African countries, Kenya would boast a number of things ranging from modernisation and ofcourse devolution.

On the other hand, Uganda is trying however, it’s government has never ceased making the public dismayed at its laws.

Just the other day, president Yoweri museveni proposed a Ksh 3 daily tax over every sim card that will connect to internet and be used in social media platform.

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Now as if that is not enough, if you happen to be a Ugandan then loose your sim card in whichever means, then these are the steps you will have to go through to have your lost sim card replaced:

  • Go to the nearest police station to get a police report validating that you lost your SIM card
  • Visit NIRA offices at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala with your identification documents
  • Pay UGX.1,000 (Approx. Kes.30) via the bank
  • Fill a form requesting SIM replacement at NIRA
  • Wait five working days for your request to be processed
  • Get a letter from NIRA directing your service provider to replace your SIM
  • Visit your mobile service provider and fill a new SIM registration form with biometrics and a passport photo
  • Pay UGX.2,000 (Approx. Kes.60) to your mobile service provider
  • Get your new SIM

Interesting, isn’t it? Imagine going to the bank to pay Ksh 30 then come back with a bankslip so as to fill a sim replacement form.

I mean you travel all the way to the capital city to replace your lost line. Ooh my…. Ugandans surely God new why he gave you this government !


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