Apps like any other thing or being have both good and bad side however, when the cons supersedes the pros then obviously you should have no options but doing away with the item.

There are millions of apps in app stores and you could have been caught in some euphoria that you downloaded one or two of the apps I have listed below, you should be getting ready to uninstall them right away.

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Be careful to check through to the last:

1. RAM saving applications.

Apps running in the background eatup your memory space and consume much power even if on standby.

Apps claiming to save your RAM only make things worse. They close those background apps everytime they launch in background.

However much that sounds good, it isn’t that much. Some of these apps use more power and space when launching and so, consistent closing and restarting these apps will just kill your battery life or/ and memory yet that is what these apps do.

Android manages RAM usage automatically and knows when to open or close an app in the background so forget about these third party apps NOW!

2. Any cleaning App

cleaning master becomes the most commonly used app in this category. These apps claim to do the cleaning and boosting of your phone’s speed.

However much they do that, consider the data they syphone from your plan just inconvenience you running their adverts anytime you are on a data connection.

No need for dedicated cleaners…

Just go to Settings > Storage > and tap Cached data. At the Clear cached data prompt, hit OK.

Alternatively, you can clear the cache of individual apps by going to Settings > Apps > Downloaded and tapping on an app. On the next page, tap Clear Cache.

3. Battery saving Apps

I could say this are smart – digital billboards for advertisers to make their products known to more customers.

Just like RAM savers, these apps make a multiplication of a cheap problem that you could easily solve; you and up risking your gadget’s life.

To actually save phone’s battery, you have to reduce power demand by the operating system and every other application on the phone.

For these battery savers to really do their task right, they must control android :- something that they can’t and just won’t access.

In short, remove these apps from your phone and then open settings then battery, find an app that is consuming much power and then force close it.

4. Facebook

No hard feelings but it’s real time you got get rid of this app from from your phone. The app consume alot of memory and much battery power, but worst of all, it stays active in the background, demands permissions and greedly feast on your data.

You can uninstall the app and your phone memory will speed up.

If you still want to use your Facebook account then log into its mobile site from chrome/ Mozilla/ opera then create a shortcut on your home screen.

5. Pre-installed apps

These or those apps that come with your device at purchasing. They actually have no much help to you as either they were put there to advertise something or allowing you check into a place actually not in your country!

They actually just eat up your memory space for no reason. Well known as bloatwear… reset them or uninstall them all.

Other apps to uninstall include those you rarely use.


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