There are so many things we do to our android phones that are injustice of the highest oder. Grave mistakes that eventually kill the phones even before you thought of budgeting for her another one.

I earlier have mentioned a number in earlier posts however here I bring up other key things/ habbits you should learn to observe to keep your android live longer.

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Check through the list to the end and if you missed on earlier precautions please click here first.


Not turning it off

You need to understand that their is a difference between restarting a phone and shutting it down.

There comes a time when you like take a poise, recollect and then after a while you notice you just got a solution to a given problem. But there is that time you really need to take a good nap… long hours.

If you do that to yourself then trust me, androids also need a good rest so as to automatically do system check and clear cache. Make a habit of switching your Android of just before you sleep then switch it on when you wake up.

If you do that to your laptop, then why exempt that android phone?

2. Putting your android phone in the pocket

Especially in those tight fitting jeanse. The results are commonly obvious__ breaking!

Sometimes the pressure could not be enough to break it but it could just be enough to malfunction the screen.

Make a habbit of carrying it in your palm or a pulse. If a must it be in your pocket then avoid those shappy outfits.

At least you not to bother much about its security because, all android phones can easily be located and controlled from anywhere.

In this era a person thinking to rob you off android phone is just but an old school thief and so – carry it in your palm.

3. Leaving it in the car.

Ask yourself, how will I feel if locked in a car with all Windows pulled up? Imagine of that stuffy hot air…

Well, in short if you leave your phone inside the car then just like you, it could “suffocate “.

To much heat or cold in the vehicle will eventually put your phone to a sudden halt.

If you must leave it in the car then consider switching it of and possibly undo the battery.


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