The U.S tech giant has made yet another move towards winning the hearts of Africans to its services by launching a new app dubbed Google go.

The Alphabet Inc unit has laid fibre optic cables on the continent, eased access to cheaper android phones and trained a workforce in digital skills.

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It will patner with pan African wireless carriers such as Vodacom group limited to preload the app on some of their low end devices.

The new app reduces the amount of data needed to display search results by 40 percent and allow previous searches to be previewed offline.

Younger consumers in sub-Saharan Africa are increasingly demanding quicker internet speeds and cheaper phones to go about their business, while MTN and Vodacom see the digital space as their fastest-growing market.

The new app will be available in 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and will be pre-installed on all Android Oreo devices.

This happens just a few months released a similar app to africa though for video streaming


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