Till mid 90s, having a phone in your pocket was a new and exciting feeling, a preserve of the rich and successful, often referred to as the man or woman with the “mobile telephone”.

Back then, when all people did was to make and receive calls, the only question people asked was, “do you own a phone?”

Now we are rolling through 2018 and the conversation is no longer just about phones, but smartphones – the little devices now firmly knitted within our everyday lives.

The need to own a smartphone has become high almost a necessity (basic need) and the question being asked today is “what smartphone do you have ?”

Now the internal debates that go on in young people’s minds when making a decision to buy a smartphone in the age where everyone seems to own one; is “which smartphone do I settle for?”

Let’s begin this way, you need to consider a few aspects before your settle for your first smartphone.

1. Price

Whereas the price of the phone has to be affordable and within reach, it is important that a first time buyer asks themselves what they will actually be doing with the phone.

Costly flagship handsets are often built with “nice-to-have” augmented features that many users seldom take advantage of or even know how to operate.

It is, therefore, important to determine what is worth paying an extra amount for before you make the decision to purchase.

2. Fan and Specs

If you are a music fan, for example, and hope to use your phone considerably for listening to radio and sending WhatsApp messages to friends and family, your primary consideration will be phone’s battery life and a decent camera.

If you are an adent gamer then other a good battery you also will consider a wider screen, higher RAM and ROM that also are expandable.

However, if you want to receive and send emails or read documents and books on the go, the size of the screen will be a key feature for you.

But if you are an upgrader, one looking for a smartphone with more technical and value added features then checking on the type of operating (Android Vs iOS).
Picking one or two primary functions that you require will dramatically cut your costs and offer value for money compared to wanting, say, an “all in one” smartphone

In summary, in order to satisfy your ego on what smartphone to buy, then you have to put your need and the value for money first!


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