Since Faiba4G was launched, it positioned itself as a telco with a focus on offering affordable mobile data to consumers.

However, the process of purchasing airtime and mobile data on Faiba4G has not been a simple one, compared to the other players in the market.

Only a few devices only can access data services but not other mobile services which made it harder for the consumer to purchase data bundles via USSD.

One company, Jani Talk, realized this problem and have developed a solution in the form of an Android App that is meant to make it easier for Faiba4G customers to purchase airtime and mobile data through M-Pesa.

The app, going by the name Jani Faiba4G, has integrated M-Pesa Xpress, making it easier to use the app compared to JTL’s own Faiba App that will have you memorizing PayBill numbers.

The app will require you to submit a few credentials like Faiba 4G phone number, user name, MPesa number and password during set up. Not a hard process. You can get the app from playstore. Janitalk



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