Getting the best translation app for whichever right purpose is a good thing to ease your tasks.

Here I have compiled some best picks from playstore to help you in translating text, speech, images and more.

1. Google translate

If you need an app that will do more than just what you wanted to do then, Google translate is the best bet to place. It currently supports upto 103 languages.

2. Microsoft translator

Microsoft somehow somewhat made its way into the playstore and managed to put up a good app for you.

If you are the type that worries much about data costs then Microsoft translator is a good choice to settle on.

It works offline, supports 42 languages and got a good – simple user interface.

3. Translate voice

This is one good app, actually the best from the many that have been tried so far on voice recognition and translation.

The allows you to read a word, phrase or paragraph and still it will keep up with your speech.

You then can play the translation audibly to your audience.

4. GBoard

This is a multilingual keyboard which you can use to send messages to whichever audience around the globe in whichever language.

At least you now have been saved the struggle of opening various apps and retyping messages in different languages, with GBoard all you need is a single message then play around with the setup options.


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