It’s that time of year when Motorola shows off the new generation of the Moto G, its most successful series.

At the unveiling in Brazil, many were in for a big surprise as the new Moto G6 is quite different from its predecessors. But how ?

Nowadays, mid-range devices have become powerful enough to satisfy the needs of 95 percent of smartphone users.

Motorola is one of these brands which recognizes its value and has several lines that fit into the category: the Moto G is on the list.

Since the mid-range gets the job done and premium flagships are less sought after, it’s necessary to improve the quality of this range as users expect more.

Performance isn’t just about satisfactory processing power, because you also need the camera, battery and other aspects to perform at the same level.

This is what morola understood and did bet on it to the market. However this isn’t such a new strategy for the company.


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