Technology has evolved over years and so has the demand for the best also has increased.

However there always comes a challenge on how to choose the best gadget to meet your specific need.

Here at TiJei we shall help you do that across tech devices but in this post we shall discuss best desktop computers for different purposes.

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1. Best all purpose desktop: Falcon North West Mach V

Also known as Mach V, is a handsome flagship of 2016 that still does the exceptional in the market.

If you want a desktop that will outperform and outlast any other flagship in the market then you have no option but get yourself a mach V.

It is fully configurable though little pricey but it’s to your NO regret. Falcon mach V boast a conventional design with much interior space that’s logically arranged for adding new hard drives or large graphics cards.

If you are an enthusiast, professional gamer then spare yourself something between $2,500 to $8,800 to have this all purpose machine.


2. Best desktop from apple: Apple Mac 27

Do you want MacOs, a stylish design and compact computer ? Then the iMac 27 with 5k display should be your best choice so far.

It got a gorgeous, luxurious screen that makes the iMac a great choice for multipurpose. For entertainment like TV shows, it got a wide screen, vivid colours and deep blacks for even TV replacements.

Surprisingly, the iMac is supper-fast with descent load speed. You forget all the “wait” that comes with other flagships when you settle for this iMac .

It costs between $1,499.99 to $1,899.00


3. Best gaming Pc: Digital Storm Velox

This is a desktop computer that was built kind of dedicated to gaming. If you are a gamer or anyone into video games then Velox should be your choice.

Like any other gaming pc, Velox is designed to be customizable and up-gradable.

Its exterior design appears to be impenetrable but ones you uncover its lead, the internal components are laid bare for ease access.

If you want a pc that can outperform other competitors for long then Velox should be a choice. Even when age starts catching up with it, you can pop it open and upgrade it with no much trouble.

Though this pc isn’t for everyone but to the specific persons, it is worth spending between $4,737 to $6,880 to start an experience with Velox today.


4. Best budget Pc: Dell inspiron 5675

Dell is company that lets you get the best out of its gadgets without necessarily breaking your budget.

Here we have an insipron 5675 that can do literally all you would like it done though of-course not at the high end.

It’s compact and its whisper can’t be compared to the noisy fans in the room. You can position it anywhere and it will fit perfectly ; from top of the table to a tiny cup board, inspiron will complement your decor so well.

To put it plain, if you want a pc that can serve you dutifully as a workstation then dell inspiron 5675 should be your best settlement.

It will cost you between $530 to $650



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