Good news to Gmail users as google unveils the gmail offline option to its users.

The feature that is hosted only on chrome and in several countries will allow activated users to share mails offline.

To use this feature you first need to activate it from chrome by hitting the Enable offline mail button as explained here >>

After switching to offline mail, now you’ll have to make three decisions:

  • How many days’ worth of messages do you want stored on your laptop? Gmail lets you choose between 7, 30 and 90. Unless you’re really strapped for storage, I recommend choosing 90 days — because why limit your backlog? If you want to retrieve an older message while offline, you should be able to.
  • Downloa attachments? Definitely yes, unless storage is an issue. There’s not much value in making mail available offline if the attachments aren’t available as well.
  • What happens to your data when you log out of your Google account? Most users will probably prefer the “Keep offline data” option, if only because deleting it will result in a potentially lengthy resync the next time you log in.

With those options set, click Save Changes and you’re done!


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