After an in-depth search and comparison of what we could term as best TV for you, we settled on the LG’s C7 OLED
The brushed metallic stand LG designed for the C7 is simple, classy, and most importantly, it’s narrow enough that the TV can fit on any TV stand 24 inches or wider, making it an option for those with smaller entertainment centers.

Why it rocks:

  • It has the best picture quality ever
  • Outsanding HDR performance
  • A joy to use
  • Beautifully designed
  • It is a plug and play machine. (Simple installation)
  • You feel the value of your money

What other TV do you think it Rocks? Post something in the comment box below.

Does it have a downside ?

Suse enough, OLED technology remains expensive.

As for our choice here, the C7 will cost you $1,696.99 on Amazon making it quite expensive but remember you won’t regret spending the cash in it. C7 just rocks.



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