Each android phone comes with both dull and flashy/ colourful wallpapers for users to choose from.

As you could tell just as I do, phone display is one of the phone components that are battery hungry.

But something most people also miss out is that the type of wallpaper you set, determine the rate at which the display consumes charge.

Dark background or wallpapers will actually save your phone much charge compaired to lighter displays.

However it all depends with the type of screen you have. Either AMOLED or LCD.

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display actually rely on a light source which transmit light behind them and so each pixel must be illuminated.

On the other hand AMOLED – Active Matrix Organic Light Emmiting Diode. They contain an organic material which prosuces light when a current is passed through them.

Both of these technologies are used on either phones or TVs but mostly on smartphones.

Since LCD screens do not display their own light, the illuminated display is not always black so if your smartphone uses LCD don’t bother using dull colours as they won’t make a difference. It is good to switch to power saving mode in this case.

As for AMOLED, use dark coloured back ground/ wallpapers.


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