Traveling for fun and experience is always good, especially when you return home and take stock of both gains and losses.

There also at times comes that moment when a friend takes you out for dinner and you are just new to every thing on the restaurant’s menu, don’t freak out – here we outline foods you should eat in a Japanese restaurant.

1. Okonomiyaki

If you haven’t tried okonomiyaki before, you really should. It’s a Japanese savoury pancake that tastes far better than the photo above makes it look.

Okonomiyaki varies from region to region across the country, but if you eat it outside of Japan, it’s likely you’ll be tackling the Osakan version.

It’s usually referred to as Japanese pizza (which is weird, because it’s nothing like it), and it contains flour, cabbage, egg, pork, and squid/shrimp/octopus.

Throw a dollop of mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce on top and you’ve got yourself the perfect comfort food for a rainy day.

While the Osakan version will have all of the ingredients mixed up together, the Hiroshima version is layered, and has noodles (either yakisoba or udon) and a fried egg throw in, too…

From views of many and my own, the verdict is: As long as you only have half the dish, you’ll love every mouthful. Eat too much and you’ll be feeling full for days.

2. Momiji Manju

Momiji manju, is a small, maple leaf-shaped cake.

They’re traditionally filled with a red bean paste, or custard-filled flavour. It is so good! The sponge is usually moist and sweet, and the custard creamy.

TIhey are made small in size but trust me, if you happen to taste a single one , I bet it would easily make you an ‘addict’, eating it daily as you enjoy its nice taste!

3. Pork shoyu

Snacks put a side, if you walk into a Japanese restaurant for dinner with a friend, don’t act barbaric but just order for pork shoyu.

The thick slices of pork usually are tender and juicy, with just the right amount of fat, the broth is rich with soy, and the noodles soft.

Throw in a generous helping of beansprouts for texture, and you will find yourself with the perfect bowl of ramen.

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