Credit score impacts your financial ability – whether you can qualify for mortgages, loans or even credit cards.

With high rates of unemployment globally, venturing into self employment has become the dream of many but starting capital is surely a big haddle to go over.

May be you are employed making three or four figures a day and you just can not do alot with what you get other than do a breakfast/ lunch/ super and it is over.

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Having a positive credit report will empower you alot, it loosens the financial bondages you could be crippled in and and gives you financial freedom.

Sometimes this is also referred to as credit karma.

Talking of financial freedom I mean; having enough cash (not alot) to pay hospital bills, electricity bills, water bills, transport, buy what your heart desires at any instance it wants, I mean spend to the maximum and still have no worry of running broke!

All these is what checking your credit score gives you and so you can’t be damn mean to yourself not to even check your credit score at a time when the gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

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How to check your credit score

Having known a few benefits of one knowing his/ her credit score, let’s see where, when, and how you can check your score and get the credit report fast, timely and free.

There are many sites advising you do with them the checking but some could land you into trouble.

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