With transformation in technology and high levels of retrenchment, then everybody must be looking for a second option.

The second option obviously isn’t finding another opportunity to be employed but rather finding an opportunity to employ.

Oops! did I just say that the retrenched/ un employed you to employ people? I got to be kidding right!

Not really, I have for a while been reading articles and had a quite extensive follow up on lives of people who have “made it” in life, of course also I’m and still going on.

I learnt a few things that could obviously be of help to you in making a good step towards your second option, a good opportunity. But, of the many let’s major on the key aspect I learnt from those tycoons.

The damn rich guys make their income from people whom they employ to help them achieve what they want.

Simple example; at your home you rare pets because their benefits to you surpass their expense.

A driver for a public service vehicle ’employs’ a conductor who does the touting but earns little as the larger share is retained by the driver or shares with their boss almost equally.

In the above example, the driver could similarly tout/ use a sticker then drive but s/he employs a tout to collect money from the public and pays him to help achieve his wants but retains the lion’s share.

Generrally, when you were/ are employed you work more and get paid less but if you help others achieve their want you work less and they pay you more.

Believing that now you get my point let’s do some transition. In life you must be having a mentor whom you look up to and feel one day you need to earn as s/he does. That is good! But what are you doing To reach their position?

To move to their standard, do not even ever think of being employed forever. Start thinking of this word LEVERAGE.

This is where you go out there and help a group of people grow and they will inevitably increase your earning 10 folds.

With technology, you spare the worry of how do I start. Check out my next post and learn how you can start earning six to nine figures as you leverage online. See you there>>>

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