It has never been that easy to get a woman get ready in seconds as any man would.

Am told there is a research out there which has it that women spend over a year of their lives just applying make up!

This really sounds crazy, but as if not enough, to some that estimation need be double at least to suit their way of doing it.

Really, some women take enough of their time tapping, swiping, and blending away in front of a mirror.

According to a popular lifestyle blog, women feel that, that is the only time they got for themselves to psychologically prepare and get ready for a hectic day ahead.

Some tend to try out new releases and so they really got to have time to try the zoning and see what works for them right – incase one fails, gods forbid, one needs time to start up a fresh.

Ladies out there, is this true, let’s hear of reasons why you take time in front of your mirror daily. Drop a comment in the comment box below and do not forget sharing this post with a friend to hear what she got to say!