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I would have written this post a few days ago but I had to put some things together just before I post it.

This is a continuation to my previous post on online jobs that can be an option to your current job, please if you missed it click here>> first.

Well, I almost pre-emptied the exact trending job option you should be investing your time now but, there still is a way to go. I have to explain some stuff about it so be patient.

Freelancing has never been any good untill you find the right company and clients to which you can deliver your service/ goods and get a successful pay.

At times it will take you years just like it has taken me unless you find some good directions and perfect tutoring on where & how to get this jobs, from the experienced & successful freelancers.

The worst side comes when you happen to loose some dollars to scammers in exchange of an “online income”. If you have undergone this among many other struggles to find some better job online then do not worry as here I have a lasting solution for you. Just stay with me a little more, reading more paragraphs below and you will bump into your answer.

Where do I get a well paying online job ?

This is a good question but I think not always the best to be the first one on the list. Anyway, I still will answer It anywhow.

Trust me, there are million jobs out there but if it so happens that you land on one purporting to make you a millionaire overnight please run away. Don’t be too lazy, be a smart one.

I ealier mentioned in yet another post, a list of websites hiring freelancers; the jobs are legit but building a trust worth list of visitors is just a hell thing you have to go through as a begginer.

There are also other options like ad clicking, data entry, captcha, and many other jobs which you really do alot of work but you actually get paid something slightly more than a cent per task completed.

Most of these sites have a high threshold so most workers tend to give up there jobs on these sites before making their first withdrawal due to much strain and less income leading to their accounts being suspended and the little dollars they made are usually retained.

This profits the company not you obviously but anyhow, the road of struggles ends here. And the secret to where you can find a well paying online job is finding a good CPA company, something I have done for you. So relax !

What is a CPA company?

CPA in this context, it is an acronym for Cost Per Action. So these are companies that pay you for every action taken in their products or services you advertise for them. This could include clicking, viewing, signing up or even buying a service/ product.

CPA is a general term covering a few more categories including PPL, CPC, PPC and more.

PPC:- Where a publisher is paid per every click made by a visitor to an ad on their website. Similar to CPC

PPL:- Where publishers are paid per lead, a visitor clicks an ad then fills the provided form and submits before they land may be on a sales page; that is a lead. Companies pay between $20 upto $50 for this task . You also could earn a Pay Per Sale commission of the visitor ends up buying the product. Leads could also be a visitor viewing a promoted video or signing up for email updates.

I bet you have read advertisements in newspapers, heard them in radio and even in TV and more. Companies pay millions just to have those advertisements run, sometimes the channels they yield very little leads but they still have to spend on them because they have an annual budget to spend!

Other than the above mentioned chanels, there also is the Google adsence which advertisers pay millions to run ads on publisher websites and then it pays publishers per every click on the ads.

This has been the most dominant job oppotunity for publishers in the advertising industry however of recent we got lead generating companies which are alot much better than the adsence.

A simple click on ad served by lead generating company could even pay you $2, for instance the ad below, click to see >>

How to get started.

Getting started with CPA job is very simple. You just need an account or two with these companies and you will be off to go.

Owning a personal website is highly recommended as some of the well paying companies require you to provide a website address during registration meaning if you do not have one, you could end up with companies paying you dollar cents again.

But that isn’t a hard thing to go by, click here to get your free website.

Alternatively, some companies will allow you to market the lead links in social media for instance this company here >>>

I should however caution you against companies that claim to make you a millionaire in a blink of an eye and so entice you to first pay a registration fee before starting off. I believe anybody can become a millionaire with time if right efforts are placed in a right job.

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