A new business technology has just run into the wide tech market and seems to be stealing much attention from Canadians and Americans.

The new tech gadget that has been dubbed square reader is a type of point of sale terminal which comes with much possibilities despite its small size.

The reader measures approximately 5 cm by 0.5 cm inclusive of a jackpin which you socket into android, tablets or iOS phones/ tablets’ standard Jack port just before you swipe your card.

One thing I like about the device is that In a case where your phone does not support a jack but a lightning port, there is a provision of a lightning adapter however at a fee of $15, this isn’t much compared to the convenience it will save you.

Squre also comes with a mobile App to enable users to easily do transactions such as accepting payments without connections, send receipts via email or print, manage inventory in real time e.t.c.

This transactions can be processed from all major credit cards. Then this means, you now can get paid from anywhere globally at the comfort of your home and withdraw the money in less than 2 business days into your local bank account.

The square shop currently offers a few varieties of this gadget in both Canada and America. One is square chip card reader selling at $29 while the other is square magstripe reader selling at Free!

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