As technology advances, technical problems also get to be solved with time.

Here is a barista robot that is believed to be the future of the coffee shops. Invented by a 24 year-old Henry Hu who aimed at solving the problem of queing for long just to serve a cup of coffee on the street.

The robot dabbed cafex is made such that it can serve upto 120 customers in an hour.

To make an order, you can use cafe x app or the touchscreen outside the cafe and It will actually make your custom coffee in just moments.

Whe your order is ready, you get a text with a code which you key in and the cup will be slid in position for you to pick.

The robot costs $25,000 however it requires a human to ensure its cleaning and refilling once every day.

Cafe x is currently in 3 locations within San Francisco and Henry Hu looks forward to making more improvements and increasing the locations of the robot.