Finding a cheap desktop can be an overwhelming task thanks to the number of different options out there.

We’ve compiled this list of the top budget desktops to help you easily find the right machine for you.

These are all pre-built desktops that don’t require any manual PC building and can handle basic tasks such as Word editing and internet browsing with relative ease.

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3. HP Slimline 260-a011


If you are looking at setting up a small business then you might want to consider looking at the HP Slimline 260-a011 as it offers good performance for its very attractive price. The HP Slimline 260-a011 does equally well at home, however don’t expect this PC to run any modern day gaming titles.

However, if all you need is a desktop PC for basic tasks such as browsing the web, using Microsoft suite or typing up emails, then the HP Slimline 260-a011 might be worth considering. The Quad Core AMD E2-7110 processor offers good performance.

The HP Slimline 260-a011 is a great budget friendly PC for home and office use, however the processor and 4GB of RAM limit this PC to basic tasks. It will cost you around $232.35 on Amazon.


2. Dell inspiron i3650-3111SLV


If you are after a solid desktop for home or office use, then the Dell Inspiron i3650-3111SLV is well worth a closer look. The sleek and elegant case is what you would expect from Dell, but the vertical DVD tray feels flimsy when you open it.

Powered by a 6th generation Intel Core i3-6100 processor and 6GB of DDR3l RAM, the Dell Inspiron i3650-3111SLV will easily cope with web browsing, word processing and Skype. You can run more intensive apps, but it can feel sluggish and slow with heavy multitasking.

A 1TB 7200rpm mechanical hard drive offers ample storage space to store all of your work and multimedia files. The Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU will handle casual gaming and you can install an entry level graphics card in the empty PCIe 16x slot.

To connect to the net, the Dell Inspiron i3650-3111SLV comes with both Gigabit Ethernet and standard b/g/n WiFi. You also get Bluetooth 4.0 to connect all of your Bluetooth devices without having to purchase a separate USB device. You get a total of six USB ports, but only the front two ports are USB 3.0.

It sales between at $336.00 to $400.00


1. Asus vivoPC M32CD-AS31


The ASUS VivoPC M32CD-AS31 is an entry level desktop tower that offers users a great everyday PC for under $400. While it is not designed for hardcore gamers, the ASUS VivoPC M32CD-AS31 fits well into a small business setup or at home for everyday use.

The 6th generation Intel i3-6100 processor and 8GB of DDR4 RAM give the  VivoPC M32CD-AS31 enough power to be used for more intensive apps such as Photoshop and AutoCAD.

Its built in WiFi allows users to connect to their networks without the use of an Ethernet cable, furthermore it has Bluetooth 4.0 for extra connectivity.

The integrated Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU will allow for casual gaming, but users can install a single PCIe graphics card for increased gaming performance.

The ASUS M32CD-AS31 is a best selling entry level desktop computer that has been praised for its low price, its USB 3.1 ports and for its 6th geeration Intel Skylake processor. the i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and the 1TB of storage space offer users everything that they need to complete day-to-day task. It will cost you $399.99 on amazon to buy this entry level desktop computer.