Two years ago, Apple targeted the left side of kids’ brains with Everyone Can Code. Now it’s turned its attention to the right side with its new Everyone Can Create program that launches Monday.

With Everyone Can Code in 2016, Apple called out coding as an “essential skill.” It started delivering learning guides and tools to help students from kindergarten to college succeed in a tech-driven world that prizes science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

Apple is now pushing creativity with Everyone Can Create, an initiative designed to help teachers and students incorporate drawing, video, photo and music projects — the “art” in STEAM-based curricula — into subjects already being taught as part of elementary and secondary curricula.

Apple introduced Everyone Can Create in March at an education-focused iPad event where it also updated its cheapest iPad and added support for its $99 Pencil.

The program will feature 300 lesson ideas in four project guides for free in Apple Books, as well as a teacher resource guide.

These first lessons are targeted at middle school students (grades 5-9) and are available in English. Ideas for younger and older kids in K-12 classes, and more languages, will be added over time.

Both initiatives, Apple says, are intended to help students and teachers solve problems and work in creative ways.

But they’re also about helping the company retake share in the education market. Elementary and secondary schools, particularly in the US, keep scooping up new mobile PCs and tablets while consumer and business sales are “stagnating,” according to research firm Futuresource Consulting.